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At Lorna Johnson Print! we produce custom books, calendars, boxed notecards, catalogs, and more for self-publishers, authors, small businesses, and book publishers like yourself.


By now you have heard that printing overseas is cost effective and is excellent quality – that is, if you choose the right company to handle your project. While there are many options you can find by searching the Internet, having a seasoned professional to collaborate with you and the printer is essential.


What sets me apart from other printing brokers? My hands-on experience working in print shops since 1974. I have solid experience knowing the how’s and the why’s behind the technical aspects of printing – because I have lived and breathed it for decades, starting as a Union Apprentice in the Lithographer’s Union.


I am Adobe-certificated in InDesign, which enables me to communicate with your graphic designer and answer any questions they may have regarding file preparation.  


In addition to printing books for clients, as time permits, I also design books.


Clients have won gold, silver, and bronze awards in many national competitions, including the National Indie Excellence Awards, Benjamin Franklin Book Awards, Independent Publishers Book Awards, Moonbeam childrens book competition, Nautilus Book Awards, and the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.


I will work together with you on the various aspects of print production – including papers, size, materials, finishing, and design options – for a terrific result that works for your project, your budget, and your deadline.


High quality, full-color printing can be affordable – drop me a line or give me a call and let’s see how we can make your project a reality!





Our clients say it best:


You did a damn good job of designing the book cover! It makes me want to hurry and print it and read it! And you did a damn good job of designing the interior as well. It was what I wanted and more! I think people are going to be attracted to this book. 

This has been an awesome experience working with you. I swear there were times when you could read my mind exactly. The book is as I imagined it, but even better. And of course, you will be one of the first people I send a copy to. Thank you for helping to keep my focused on all kinds of various aspects during the design of the book.  – B.J.R.S.


I thank you for being so patient, upbeat and willing to work with me on this book. It’s been a joy and relief you can’t imagine.  – J.W. 


You have done a FANTASTIC job, have been amazing to work with, patient and kind and made me feel so comfortable throughout the process as far as asking for changes and being responsive to them. I can’t thank you enough.” – B.B.


“You really are a treasure.” – P.K.


“Exceeded my wildest dreams and highest expectations!!! You are very talented (and easy to work with) people. My pleasure working with you!!” – T.H.


“Grateful for you. I just wanted to tell you that. You saved this book :-)  xxx” – C.P.


“Lorna, your skill, warmth, and energy have been of immeasurable worth. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me along this journey.” – C.W.


“Whether you are preparing your first book for publication or your tenth book, Lorna Johnson is the one for you. She is attentive to details, thorough, and fun to work with. I used Lorna on my first book and I felt as though I were working with a mentor. She thought of everything, from the size of the book to the point size of the font to the demographic I was trying to reach…Lorna posed the most questions and her queries demonstrated her expertise. She was always available when I needed her and even helped me solve some moments of crisis. Plus, she’s meticulous about her work and experienced at working with printers from Washington to Utah to off-shore companies. She knows everything about getting books printed from hardbound to softbound sewn-and-glued. Her experience includes coffee table books, cookbooks, children's books, workbooks, journals, fiction, boxed notecards, decks of cards, calendars and more. You won’t regret hiring her!” – F.C.


“Our printer has been nothing short of amazing. Talk about feeling like we were not in this alone. Lorna Johnson has helped us at every turn and explained so many of the elements to us we could not have otherwise known. I highly recommend her.” – P.D.


“Wow. I’m still kind of in shock! Thank you again, for everything you have done for us. I am quite convinced that if we hadn’t had your expertise and patience, this project would still be on the drawing table. I would like to thank you and let you know how much we appreciate the fine quality and craftsmanship of the books. They are so beautifully printed and bound, that it makes me very proud to have my name associated with the project. We are hoping for immense success so we can print the book in other languages in the near future! If we do, we know who to call for the next printing.” – J.A.


“I would love to connect you with the person who walked the book process through. Regarding the production, the printer is...Lorna Johnson and I highly recommend her. Be careful, her creativity is contagious and before long you’ll be printing something beautiful for your community.  She can definitely beat any printer you’ve talked to so far.” – E.V.


“You are a fricken’ genius! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! (Those are kisses.) It’s beautiful.” – P.B.


“Last week I received several advance copies of my wall calendar from Lorna Johnson. When I saw the first editions, I knew I’d found the right people to care for my printing needs. Her printer is top-rate, and the results glow! The clarity, depth of tone, and paper quality exceed any calendar I’ve hitherto published.” – M.K.


“...Working in the trenches, behind the scenes to make sure everything goes right...Your ears should be burning by now, since I’ve been bragging to everyone about ‘my’ print broker!” – L.W.


“The book looks AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT. Thanks so much! The book is killer!!!! People have been freaking out about the book all day today!” – R.B.


“Wow, that was fast! Can’t wait to get them in my hands to begin to deliver to places. Thanks so much for all of your help with the process. Having someone like you to guide me has meant everything to me.” – J.V.


 “...Today I met with Lorna, the printer, who continues to be a wealth of information and a sense of great comfort on this unfamiliar turf. She is really a light at the end of the tunnel.” – G.V.


“I LOVE the book AND HAVE BEEN SO EXCITED TO SHOW IT TO EVERYONE and have been getting a great response!!! I am celebrating and yes very proud of it – it is all a little surreal, since I have worked on this for 6 years!!! You did a wonderful job – I so appreciate how patient you were and the quality of print is superb! We use a lot of printers here and we are very particular about our finished product – everyone has raved!!” – T.F.


“We love them!! They are beautiful!!! Everyone thinks they are a great keepsake for our 50th anniversary celebration. Thank you again for making it happen – and in plenty of time. You’re awesome.” – S.D.


“Thanks, Lorna, for your creative mind and the talent to make ideas come to fruition. You really do come up with some outstanding concepts!” – P.G.


“I’m writing to say thank you for such a beautiful job on the book. The colors all came out wonderfully. It is a very quality job. I’m so pleased with the job you did. Thank you again, for all your hard work and attention to detail.” – N.C.




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